Charles and Mary
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Charles Massie and Mary Davis Massie had six known children:  John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Thomas, Charles Jr. and Mary.

John moved to Amherst County during the Revolutionary War and married Susannah Wright,
Elizabeth married William Smith,
Sarah married Isham Berry and moved to Georgia,
Thomas married Lucy Davis and moved to Kentucky,
Charles Jr. married Nancy Davis and remained at Spring Valley,
Mary was unmarried.

The known descendants of Charles and Mary who are interred in this Cemetery are:
Charles and perhaps wife, Mary,
Charles Jr. and his wife Nancy, their children:
Hardin a prominent Physician, Charles Glazebeck,
Mary, Nancy Clough, Nathaniel and wife Elizabeth, Their children, Charles M. and James L. 

There are graves marked simply by rocks at the head and foot.  Most appear to be small graves, perhaps children.  Charles' father, Thomas is said to be buried here in an unmarked grave.  Some have said that Charles' wife Mary rested at his side in and unmarked site.   

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John Massie 1756-1800, the eldest son of Charles, came to Amherst County and was a teacher in the home of Mr. Duncan in the Sandiges area. He later married Susanna Wright and moved to property on Crawley's Creek, near the settlement that would later be called Woodson. John was a soldier in the Revolutionary War serving as an Ensign. (Amherst County, Virginia, extracts from the "LOST ORDER BOOK, 1773-1782 page 36"). His father also served in that war. John predeceased his father by 17 years but his widow is mentioned in Charles' will.  It is this marriage that gave rise, through their nine children to much of our present family.