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Hardin Massie was born June 17. 1790 and died Sept.9, 1848, his stone is marked:  "A man of Science, learning and (?)"

Was given extra mention in his father's will for his medical care of his sister Mary and for his father.

"Hardin was a physician who came to Charlottesville in 1824 and for many years practiced in partnership with Dr. Charles Carter. He was largely interested in the real estate of the town. He lived on fourth street near to the old Baptist Church, the site of which he sold to that congregation. He was, himself an earnest member of that church and for a time acted as it's clerk. He never married and died in 1848."


Charles Glazebeck Massie born March 21, 1807 and died June 30, 1857.  His stone is marked "He lived and died a Christian.

This Charles received from his father slaves and livestock and at the death of his mother, Nancy, received her real estate lent by Charles Jr. during her life, some 900 acres of land, cider casks and all apple manufacturing equipment. 

Charles' will found in Will Book 25 p. 284, Albemarle County, Virginia (looks like Charles G), gave all of his land to his sister Nancy C. Massie and all other property equally divided between his brother Nathaniel and his two sisters Sally Ragland and Nancy C. Massie. The executor of this will was his nephew N. H. Massie.

In the same will book, p.317-18 an inventory listed by N. H. Massie of the estate included about fifteen slaves, one infirm and not included these along with other "inventory" were divided. Value of property $8848. Dated 10 Nov. 1857