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Nancy Clough Massie, daughter of Charles Jr. and Nancy, born July 11, 1799 and died July 22, 1863 grave marked "From her early youth a consistent Christian".

She was apparently unmarried. She received extensive bequests from father Charles Jr. at his death. Land described from a point in the hollow east and up the ridge to the top of the mountain, and all south of that owned by father, Charles. Her brother Hardin had received 200 acres and mother, Nancy, was left (Lent) real estate while she lived.  She then received from her brother, Charles G. Massie some 900 acres and other bequests.

Nancy left an extensive will of property excluding land valued at $39,480. She left the real estate to Nathaniel, her brother for $11,000.


Charles M. Massie, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth,  born March 25, 1832 and died Feb. 8, 1865, gravestone marked  " Uniting great intelligence with a singularly unselfish character, few of his years were so widely known, none more truly loved. He lived a life of purity and died a Christian death."  He was son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Rodes Massie and brother of James Livingston Massie.

Little is known about him.  In the 1850 census he is listed as a Clerk in the household of James Lobban, a kinsman.