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  John Livingston Massie, born Aug. 19, 1838 died Sept. 24, 1864 was the son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Rodes Massie.  His gravestone is marked:  " Highly endowed by nature, and thoroughly ( ), he was a Lawyer, a Soldier, a Patriot, and a Christian."
"Volunteering as a Private, he was very soon promoted at the instance of Gen. Jackson for skill, energy, and courage."

Graduated from Washington College (now W&L University) in 1858 and received his Law degree from there in 1860. He practiced law in Charlottesville and enlisted in the Confederate Army at Harper's Ferry on 15 May 1861. He was described as "strikingly handsome and of unusual size and strength." Livy Massie was promoted for his service and held the rank of Captain in 1863. He was wounded in action near Fischer's Hill on the 23rd of Sept., 1864. "About sunset of the 23d General Early, having resolved to make a stand, formed his line of action, and a portion of his guns opened with spirit. Others deemed unnecessary on the front, were sent with Captain Massie to a point supposed mainly our of range. Here, finding a seat of rails, he was with his glass observing the enemy, when a shell exploded nearby, and a fragment strucke him, entering the outer side of the thigh, two inches above the knee, and passed obliquely upward and inward, severing the large artery, nerve and vein. The best surgical attendance with the army was promptly rendered. But reaction from the shock and loss of blood could not be produced. In an ambulance he was conveyed to the rear, and in a kind house found a resting place, until death in a few hours released him from suffering." "An accomplished scholar, brave soldier, able officer, sterling patriot and admirable Christian gentleman." "He was a fine fellow, beloved of his company and all who knew him."


  Mary Massie born July 27, 1797 and died September 28, 1839, grave stone marked: " She chose that good ( ? ) which shall not be taken away."

Mary was daughter of Charles Jr. Massie and Nancy Davis.  She apparently was tended by her brother Dr. Hardin Massie in her illness.