Photo Gallery 2008
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Before Work Upper mid view

Initial Condition NW Corner

These following several pictures show the condition of the cemetery before work started

Upper Middle View

Shows view from upper side through cemetery showing also the fruit stand below added by the owner of the surrounding orchard.

From below the cemetery

New fruit stand for pick-your-own cherry sales

View from inside showing the NE Corner

Another view of the NW Corner

Tree and undergrowth removal

Trees were cut over several days work

Another view from the NW corner work

View from upper middle

Note the large pile of brush outside the left wall. This was one of the two large piles of removed material, much of which was laced with poison oak and ivy.

View from upper NE corner

Note in the pictures the broken and down grave stones.

Different angle of upper NE

Note the large stump in foreground

From inside lot standing near Charles' stone

Note the entry to the cemetery lot and the lone oak left in place

Work in October 2008

Carroll Edward Massie supervises cousin Ricky Massie. Stumps have been first cut to the ground level and a stump grinder brought from Lynchburg to grind them below ground level.

Status as of October 2008

We glued together many of the fragmented stones and tried to locate the graves they belonged to and set them upright.

Several grave sites are simply marked by unmarked stones.

There are an unknown number of graves that are not marked. Some are small graves, certainly children. Charles has a stone, the only one of his generation. There are graves that represent some of three subsequent generations.