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Edmund Massie of Sandyways

In the spring of 2008 several of the descendants of Charles Massie felt it was time for the family to pay long overdue attention to the cemetery plot where our oldest known ancestor is buried.  The once well kept cemetery had indeed fallen on hard times, the enclosing rock wall tumbled down in places, most of the grave stones broken and fallen over and trees and undergrowth rampant.

We felt, and several agreed, that we should mount a family project for the purpose of repairing, maintaining and beautifying this historic cemetery.  This would take considerable work, as the pictures in the photo gallery will show, take lots of volunteers and some expense.  Clearly, once the work is complete, ongoing maintenance would be needed to preserve the status over the years.  This would require a structure and a bank account.  I, S. Powell Massie, took it on myself to write out a simple beginning structure and to apply for a bank account under the name of the Spring Valley Cemetery Association.  This simple structure is reproduced and can be seen by the link shown to the left, (Background).

The picture above is the Spring Valley Cemetery after our work in 2009.  We are proud that this work has been accomplished by volunteers from the family using only a portion of donated funds for some expenses.  This is an ongoing project and donations to the above account are solicited from descendants of Charles.

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